finesse [fə nes′]
[Fr < OFr fin, FINE1]
1. adroitness and delicacy of performance
2. the ability to handle delicate and difficult situations skillfully and diplomatically
3. cunning; skill; artfulness; craft
4. Bridge an attempt to take a trick with a lower card while holding a higher card not in sequence with it, made in the hope that the intervening card is in the hand of the opponent who has already played
finessed, finessing
1. to manage, bring about, or deal with by finesse: sometimes with into
2. to evade or bypass (a problem, issue, etc.)
3. Bridge
a) to make a finesse with (a specified card)
b) to play a card lower than (the specified intervening card) in making a finesse
to use or make a finesse

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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